Company Overview
    Welcome to Information Brokers Inc.  We offer information gathering, computer consulting, network design and web / hosting services.  work we do is for organizations and individuals alike interested in expanding their knowledge, presence and technical preparedness in the growing global marketplace. We at Information Brokers, Inc. invite you to read about our capabilities.

    Mission Statement
    Information Brokers Inc. is also involved in efforts to stimulate interest in computers by people in the African Diaspora. We help people take advantage of computer technologies, including internet, as a tool in economic development.

    Company History
    Information Brokers, Inc. was started in April 1995 to satisfy the need for  an African American owned and operated security technology firm.  The primary business goal has been to foster the development of Internet based community activity and privacy awareness, and also provide a platform for business activity in the areas of electronic commerce, technology implementation and standards development in the areas of messaging directory services, electronic identification and internetwork security.

    Since its inception, Information Brokers ( has over seen the or actively  participated in the creation of - (CA-FAM III), Black Geeks Online (, The Afrikan Frontline Network (, as well as the Black Geeks Online Email list, the blackpower Email list, the Gullah-Geechee Email list and many others.

In 1996, took over the administration of the United States Black Online Internet services and led the initial efforts in security management for the Department of Commerce Bureau of Census firewall implementation and testing, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) security incident management and system configuration, and many other activities involving computer security incident response (under nondisclosure).

    Information Brokers will continue its mission in the next millennium by  offering its full featured eIDent service InfoCERT through its offering Just Personal.


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